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RLR Strange Racing Front Struts


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RLR Strange Racing Front Struts

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     RLR offers the highest quality front suspension components for your chassis car or ladder bar back halved car. RLR/Strange Front Struts are lightweight and with over 3” of travel, independently tunable. You can adjust each side individually, which allows you to have the most precise suspension set-up available. RLR/Strange Front Struts are engineered, designed and specifically valved like no others. Manufactured exclusively for Volkswagen applications, not muscle car or v-8 shock detuned for VW use. Constantly tested to ensure consistent quality, ultimate reliability and unbeatable performance. Expect better launch control, equal traction to both tires, improved down track stability and smoother runs.

  • Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Tune on the Fly, Easily Adjustable Tuning Knobs
  • Made In The USA

     RLR/Strange Double Adjustable Front Struts allow you to adjust both compression bump and extension resistance stroke of your shocks by turning (2) external knobs that offers 10 calibrated setting options.

     Now you can adjust the dampening of the shock with a twist of a knob! You can make the shock softer, or you can make it stiffer, depending on what you car or track conditions require.

     Insist on RLR quality and safety. Our RLR/Strange Front Struts are ideal for Big power aspirated or high horsepower turbos. We also have a complete line of Coilover Springs available in various pound ratings and Limit Strap Kits with Spacers and Hardware. Let us help you transfer that power to the ground and get you to the winner’s circle.

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 18 in


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