RLR Narrowed Ball Joint Beam with adjusters and springs (shown with optional powder coat black)RLR Narrowed Ball Joint Beam with adjusters and springs (shown with optional powder coat black)

Adjustable Narrowed Ball Joint Beam

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These New Beams from Ron Lummus Racing let your suspension ride at the height you want.

Beam includes adjusters, springs, Oilite bushings and seals.

You can find King and Link Pin Beams here and Tie Rods here.

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     Years in the making, Ron has decided to build the ultimate in quality front beam here in the USA.  The “NEWRLR Ball Joint and Narrowed King & Link Pin Beams is the result.  They are as  functionable as they are strong.  If your running drop spindles or disc brakes, you will need a narrowed front beam. 

     These beams look bitchin’ standing still and even better at speed. If you’re after that perfect stance for street, strip, or need it in the weeds, you won’t go wrong with RLR’s “New” Ball Joint and King & Link Pin Beams.

     All Ball Joint and King and Linkpin beams are adjustable 4″, (2″ up & 2″ down).  Beams are available in stock width,  3″ and 4″ narrower-than-stock widths, with your choice of ball-joint or king-link pin setup.  Every Ball Joint and King and Link Pin Beam is RLR’s new design.  Each beam comes with adjusters, torsion springs and Oilite bushings and seals.

The RLR Narrowed Beam is a must when looking for that “Pro Street” look.

  •     Steering Tie Rods for Narrowed Beams are not included in the beam price.

Additional information

Weight 54 lbs
Dimensions 41.9 × 20.85 × 8.9 in



 Specially constructed out of 4130 steel alloy tubing,  these beams have 2″ of travel up and down.  Laser cut 5/16” thick solid steel end plates and Oilite bronze bearings, this beam will be the last beam your car will ever need.  Each beam comes with adjusters and torsion springs.

  • 4130 Steel Alloy Tubing
  • Laser Cut 5/16” Solid Steel End Plates
  • Tig Welded Construction
  • Made In The U.S.A.


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