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The Type 2 transmission is notorious for shift problems.  There have been attempts to cure the problem by making a gear carrier to adapt the Type 2 transmission to use the Type 1 (Beetle) shift housing (Nose Cone).  But, if after the expense of this modification, you still have a shifting problem with the Type 2 (Hockey Stick) and its selecting troubles, see the “Shifting Troubles” page.  This problem has been “cured” many times by using our MSE Type 1 Shift Housing on these adapter gear carriers.

We can take care of the Type 2 shifting without all that expense and/or transmission modifications.  Simply install our MSE TYPE 2 SHIFT HOUSING!!!  It bolts on with no transmission disassembly.  Used with our shifter, you have a winning, trouble-free combination shifter for a lot less expense. 

MSE has solved your shifting problems.

The MSE Type 2 shift housing is designed to eliminate all of the troublesome linkage normally used in shifting.  The rods are supported by two replaceable Oilite™ bushings and are sealed for normal or off-road use.  The MSE Shift Housing requires some modification to the VW Selector Shafts but, there is no transaxle disassembly required.

On Type 2 housing, we have modified the method of connecting the MSE connecting rod the the VW selector shaft.  In addition we have cast new shift housings to allow more ease of installation and reliability.

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