RLR / MSE Vertigate Shifter


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The last shifter you will ever need!

The shifter function is rather simple: a separate rod controls the 1st & 2nd gear, the 3rd & 4th gear, and reverse. Coupled with the RLR/MSE Posi-Shift Housing this system eliminates the troublesome VW “Hockey” stick with three separate shift levers.
Not only will your shifts be more precise, you will be able to shift more quickly, the reason being that the V-Gate shifter eliminates the “H” pattern of a normal shifter. With simple “back, forward, and back again” shift motions, your e.t.s will drop with less shifting effort. This unique system is offered as a complete package with shifter, rods, and housing, or as separate components. Please specify Type1 or Type2 Posi-Shift Housing.

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