Wheelie Bar Mount w/ Quick Release PinsWheelie Bar Mount w/ Quick Release Pins

Wheelie Bar Mount


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Wheelie Bar Mount with Quick Release Pins.  Fits RLR’s wheelie bars.

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     Blue printed, race tested and a proven performer. All RLR Pro Mod Wheelie Bars have the revolutionary rear loading design which helps to distribute the load forces to both the upper and lower sections of the bars. All Pro Mod Bars feature increased tubing size to accommodate Big power and hard launches.

     No matter what your running, high horsepower turbo, super stocker or bracket racer, our RLR Pro Mod Wheelie Bars will help with weight transfer and get that power to the ground. Also expect improved 60 foot times and better ET’s. All RLR Pro Mod Wheelie Bars are U.S.A. designed and made in house to fit RLR Oil Containment Pans. So give us a call and we’ll custom build some wheelie bars for you.

     * Powder Coat Not Included

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 6 × 6 in


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