RLR Wedgemate Removal SystemRLR Wedgemate Removal System

RLR Wedgemate Removal System



You can find engine parts here. RLR Wedgemate Removal System

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     We all know the importance of keeping the crank and flywheel together on a high performance motor.  It is equally important to separate the two without damaging them or the engine case.  The RLR Wedgemate Removal System is used to remove the flywheel from the crankshaft on most Wedgemated Volkswagen applications with 3 simple steps.

     No more damaged cranks, flywheels, cases or broken tools. Laser cut quality Made in the USA.

     Our Wedgemate Removal System is quite simply the only way to remove a wedgemated Volkswagen flywheel properly.

Additional information

Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × 4.5 in
RLR Wedgemate Removal System



  • Bolt the RLR Wedgemate Removal Tool to Your Flywheel
  • Turn the Press Screw All the Way
  • A Swift Knock with a Dead Blow Hammer to Break the Wedgemate Loose & You Are Done!
  • Made In The USA


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