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Mickey Thompson Drag Slicks, 28 X 9.0 X 15


MT Drag Slick, 28 X 9.0 X 15.  Sold by the pair.

You can find Rims here.

Mickey Thompson Tires will become available sometime in March.

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     Real world racing, research and development give M/T tires the proven performance advantage and edge over all other brands. With racing slick compounding for nearly every drag application. Precision engineered for maximum traction and consistent ET’s. Mickey Thompson ET Drag Slicks have raised the bar on what is the best tire available for your Volkswagen.

  • Superior Construction Made In The USA
  • Engineered for High Speeds & Consistent Racing Performance
  • Compounded for Maximum Traction & Wear

     ET Racing Slicks are built to deliver lasting and consistent performance. Specifically engineered to require little or no burnout. So give us a call at RLR, step up to M/T racing slicks and experience the power and performance of a true racing Drag slick.

     Mickey Thompson ET Front Tires compliment our ET Drag Rear Tires for a complete racing tire package. 22.5 x 4.5 x 15 diameter front provides larger “Footprint” or contact patch than most sizes and brands offering increased stability and improved straight line tracking.

  • Ultra-Lightweight Innovative Design Reduces Rolling Resistance
  • Expect More Consistent Runs & Improved ET’s
  • Tubeless Construction

     At RLR we recommend M/T Tires for their record setting performance, incredible consistency and proven safety record.

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Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 20 in


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