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Turbo Charger Garrett T3-T4 300-500 HP


Garrett Turbocharger

T3-T4 Hybrid with Stage 3 Exhaust turbine

Great for all RLR draw thru turbo set ups

300-450HP kits


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Garrett T3/T04E Turbocharger

The T3/T4 hybrid turbo

Garrett’s T3/T4 is a turbo with great spool characteristics and excellent durability.
Compressor Specifications

  • 0.60 AR T04E compressor housing

Compressor Trim Option

  • 60-1 Trim -max flow rate of 55 lb/min.

Turbine Specifications

  • Stage 3 (standard) or stage 5 turbine wheel available
  • 0.48, 0.63 (standard), or 0.82A/R turbine housing available
  • 4 bolt standard turbine discharge

Carbon seal for draw thru application

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