LAT Racing Oils was founded in 2007 by a trio of professional racers in search of the elusive “edge”. They recognized the potential for increasing horsepower, reliability and longevity using advanced lubrication technology to fine tune engines transmissions and final drive gears. Based on that premise LAT was established with the sole purpose of developing superior performing synthetic and petroleum racing oils, regardless of cost. Initially LAT focused on final drive assemblies with a custom blended 85w140 gear oil. The sophisticated lubricant proved an immediate success in many forms of racing and was followed by custom blended high performance engine oils. Working closely with top race teams, LAT quickly expanded their line to include ultra light weight racing oils 0w2 ,0w5 along with synthetic oils ranging from 0w20 to 20w50. Always looking to new means for optimizing lubrication proficiency, LAT has developed a complete line of high performance engine break-in oils to include: PRO-15, 5w30 and 20w50. Additionally the introduction of LAT’s Pro ATF caught even the most hardcore skeptics off guard by substantially reducing operating temperatures while providing stable, consistent pressure readings.

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