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RLR has taken their Turbo game to a new level!

New Holley Four Barrel Carburetor 3″ Intake Manifold

RLR has taken their Turbo game to a new level!

This New manifold is cast by RLR and available for all Holley 4150 model carbs like the popular 750 cfm turbo prepped carbs that they have been offering since the 1980’s.

Cast from 208 aluminum alloy and CNC machined you will be sure to see the quality in this part.

Tapped to accept 5/16 carb studs and a mounting pad on the end make getting this bolted on your car much easier.

One of the biggest features is the oil sump in the bottom of the manifold that has two purposes.

1st it will act as a pre heater to the manifold and virtually stop puddling that occurs when the air and fuel are atomized under the carb in the manifold causing the motor to want to be sluggish and stumbly, this feature eliminate that issue.

2nd at the same time it is helping the motor to run to its potential, it is also acting as a very efficient oil cooler, when the hot oil meets the cold manifold the two exchange their energy and   BAM  two for one.

The price for these manifolds is $300.00.

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