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Pierside Parts Unlimited

One the premiere Southern California parts warehouse/distributors of stock and high performance VW aftermarket accessories. They carry an expanding line of RLR parts and accessories.

Based in Utah, John and the crew take pride in carrying the RLR product line. Their philosophy states: “When you see that we are carrying an item, you can have confidence that it works, and that you will not be disappointed.”


CSP – Germany

CSP’s mantra says it all: “German parts for German Cars.” When you purchase a product from CSP, you can be assured that it has been designed, tested and manufactured to their standards. We at RLR are proud to say that the guys at CSP believe our parts are to their standards.


TOA International Japan

We have built two turnkey cars for Shin Mukai of TOA International Japan. Shin is my friend, and any RLR parts are available through his company.


Australian Dealer – Coming Soon!
RLR is currently in negotiations with a future Australian dealer. We realize the difficulty for some customers who want to use RLR products. This dealer will buy at bulk and be able to buffer the cost of importing into Australia.


How to Become an RLR Dealer:

Please contact RLR to see if becoming a dealer is right for you. With the VW market ever changing and evolving, new products continue to come forward to meet the growing needs of the VW enthusiast. From time to time, we do offer bulk or group discounts. You can download our order form from our website to begin this process.