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T-Shirts and Hoodies

RLR Hoodies are here!

RLR T-Shirts are perfect for a day at the drags, cruising the rally or just bench racing with good friends. Ergonomically fit to lower your ET’s and improve 60ft times.

  • Premium Short Sleeve Logo T-Shirt
  • Comfortable Crew Neck
  • Enzyme Washed for Soft Feel

Give us a call or checkout our booth at most Bugorama events, Hot VWs Drag Days and get your RLR tee on.

While supplies last…

Item Number Description Price
11-900-RLRT-XXXLB RLR 2018 T-Shirt XXXL Black only 20.00
11-900-RLRT-XXXLW RLR 2018 T-Shirt XXXL White 20.00
11-900-RLRT-XXLB RLR 2018 T-Shirt XXL Black only 20.00
11-900-RLRT-XXLW RLR 2018 T-Shirt XXL White 20.00
11-900-RLRT-XLB RLR 2018 T-Shirt XL Black only 20.00
11-900-RLRT-XLW RLR 2018 T-Shirt XL White 20.00
11-900-RLRT-LB RLR 2018 T-Shirt Large Black only 20.00
11-900-RLRT-LW RLR 2018 T-Shirt Large White 20.00
11-900-RLRT-MB RLR 2018 T-Shirt Medium Black only 20.00
11-900-RLRT-MW RLR 2018 T-Shirt Medium White 20.00
11-900-RLRT-KLB RLR2018 T-Shirt Kids Large Black only 20.00
11-900-RLRT-KLW RLR2018 T-Shirt Kids Large White 20.00
11-900-HD18-LB RLR 2018 Hoodie Large Black 35.00
11-900-HD18-XLB RLR 2018 Hoodie Extra Large Black 35.00
11-900-HD18-XXLB RLR 2018 Hoodie X X Large Black 40.00
11-900-HD18-XXXLB RLR 2018 Hoodie X X X Large Black 40.00