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Torsion Bars

RLR has the correct torsion bar for you! Higher horsepower cars need bigger torsion bars to help control rear end squat. Available in a variety of sizes.
Also available are RLR torsion sleeves that help keep things in proper alignment when you narrow the rear torsion housing. A must have device!

Item Number Description Price
75-500-TRBR28 Short Torsion Bar 28mm 349.00
75-500-TRBR30 Short Torsion Bar 30mm 349.00
75-500-TRBR328 300M Racing Torsion Bar 28mm – 32mm 623.00
75-900-TORRN3 3″ Torsion Raise & Narrow (pan fab) 1,560.00
75-900-TORRK3 3″ Torsion Raise Kit 100.00
75-900-TORS Torsion Sleeves, Pair 21/4″ or 21/2″ 10.00