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Adjustable Springs Plates

RLR adjustable spring plates allow rear suspension changes with the rear tire on. Raise or lower your car and add, or subtract, the amount of traction you require.
Adjustable spring plates are built the same way as the standard plates, except that they are adjustable. These bolt-on spring plates allow about 1 3/16” of up or down adjustment by turning one screw on each side. The kits come complete with a full set of inner and outer urethane grommets and are available for both IRS and Swing Axle applications.

Item Number Description Price
75-500-SPSWS Adjustable Spring Plate Swing Axle, Short 395.00
75-500-SPSWI Adjustable Spring Plate, Swing Axle, Intermediate 405.00
75-500-SPIRSS Adjustable Spring Plates, IRS, Short 425.00
75-500-SPIRSI Adjustable Spring Plates, IRS, Intermediate 445.00