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Drop Spindles

RLR drop spindles lower your car 2 1/2” without changing steering or suspension geometry. This allows you to have that lowered looked or slammed look without sacrificing ride quality. Manufactured from all new casting, CNC machined to OEM specifications. Our drop spindles are safer, stronger, and narrower than welded spindles.

King & Link Pin front end drop spindle for 1965 or earlier Type 1, Disc or Drum Brake.
Ball Joint front end drop spindle for 1966 or later Type 1, Disc or drum brake (Machined to use larger 1969-later tie rods).

RLR’s Narrowed Steering Tie Rods are available to go with the RLR Narrowed beams.

Item Number Description Price
70-500-DSBJ 2.5″ Drop Spindle For Ball Joint 195.00
70-500-DSKL 2.5″ Drop Spindle For King & Link 195.00