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RLR Scatter Shield


RLR’s Scatter Shield is NHRA legal and a required rule book item for all “turbocharged” Volkswagens and all naturally aspirated Volkswagens running 11.49 ET or faster. Simply put, a scatter shield helps prevent clutch and flywheel failures from causing serious damage and possible accidents.

  • Completely Surrounds Transmission Bell Housing 360 Degrees
  • Manufactured in the USA with .250 mild steel construction
  • Bolt-on Item, No Welding Needed

Our RLR Scattershield mounts securely to or RLR Aluminum Motor Plates or our RLR 1” Transmission Raise Kit rear mount. Most definitely a must have item for all turbocharged Volkswagens.

Item Number Description Price
65-900-SST1 RLR Scatter Shield, .250″ NHRA legal, Type 1 385.00
65-900-SSBB RLR Scatter Shield, .250″ NHRA legal, Bus Box 385.00