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NHRA Legal Oil Pan


RLR- NHRA LEGAL OIL PAN CONTAINMENT SYSTEM (AKA OIL CATCH PAN) is manufactured to prevent the accidental oil down from occurring. Designed to easily slip fit onto your existing RLR Wheelie Bars, with a slider overlap that satisfies the NHRA requirement to contain the oil. When you remove the wheelie bars the oil containment pan goes with it.

  • USA Made with .063 Wall Aluminum
  • Tig Welded with All the Mounting Hardware Included


We have been fabrication oil containment pans since mandated in 2010. Our exclusive RLR Oil Absorbant Material lines the bottom of the pan and has shown that in fact it does keep oil off the track. At RLR we do not recommend using a diaper style system because of the excessive heat that will be trapped causing overheating of the aircooled engine. For that simple reason we believe our system is a much better approach than the heat sealing blanket diaper system. Give us a call today to order your RLR NHRA Legal Oil Pan Containment System and help keep your engine cooler between rounds.


Item Number Description Price
65-900-OPCS RLR- NHRA Legal Oil Pan Containment System 525.00