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RLR Bolt-In Roll Bar Kit

In 1999 we first introduced our RLR Bolt In Roll Bar Kits. Since that day they have been an aircooled industry safety standard.  Intended for street performance applications, but no an integral part of all Sportsman/Bracket race cars.  These kits offer a serious level of driver protection, increase a pan car’s rigidity and down track stability.

  • Exact Fit 1 ¾” Chromoly Tubing
  • Fully Welded with Floor Plates & Mounting Hardware
  • American Made Quality & ships ground with UPS in the USA

This 5 Point system completely Bolts In* and meets all NHRA* tech requirements and is legal to 10.00 ET @ 135 MPH. It can be converted to 6 Point by adding a RLR Passenger Side Door Bar Kit. For High Horsepower or Turbo cars, we recommend adding our RLR Traction Control Device *5 or 6 point kits are easy to install using a 3/8” drill and 9/16” wrenches. *Requires roll bar padding in helmet contact areas. *Traction Control Device requires minor welding of kit supports to frame horns. ……………*NHRA Legal Kit Requires Welding & Roll Bar Padding In Helmet Contact Areas*…………..

Item Number Description Price
60-900-RB4BI 4130 Bolt-In Roll Bar Kit 925.00
60-900-RB4BIG 4130 Bolt-In Roll Bar Kit  (Ghia) 999.00
60-900-RBPS Passenger Side Door Bar 165.00
60-900-RBTB Traction Bar 120.00
60-900-RBPF Roll Bar Plates, Flat, 6″X6″ X1/8″ 10.00
60-900-RBPB Roll Bar Plates Bent,  6″X6″ X1/8″ 12.00
60-900-RBPBG Passenger Side Door Bar (Ghia) 165.00
60-900-RBTBG Traction Device Bar (Ghia) 250.00
* (powder coating not included)