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Pan Halves

Pan Halves:
OEM quality die cut stamping, .018 gauge metal pan halves with black/primer sealer finish.

Pan Halves Installation:
We start by removing the bad pan halves at the factory attachment points. We fully prep, clean and detail the areas to receive new pan halves. Next we trim all panels for a precision fit. Then we MIG weld at the factory attachment points to ensure strength and integrity.

Pan Labor Starts around $680 and varies based on damage of old pans and does not include the cost of replacement pans. All price quotes are based on removing the body and installing the pans.

Item Number Description Price
32-500-PNH Pan Halves (each) 195.00
99-500-OPC Powder Coating pan 312.00
99-500-OSB Sand Blasting pan 166.00
32-95-PNHIN Install Pan Halves (both) 680.00