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Convert Swing Axle to IRS

Let RLR convert your swing axle to independent rear suspension (IRS). From high horsepower drag/street cars to daily drivers looking to improve handling characteristics, IRS suspension can help correct any negative or positive chamber articulation issues.

Price includes all labor, mounts a (2) IRS Pivots.

For those who want to do it yourself, buy the IRS Pivot Fixture Jig and Pivots and weld them in.

Item Number Description Price
95-900-CIRSP Convert  to IRS Pivots 520.00
75-500-IRSPFJ IRS Pivot Fixture Jig (Left & Right) 128.95
75-500-IRSP IRS Pivot (Each) 45.00
75-500-IRSPVTB IRS Urethane Pivot Bushing 20.00
75-500-IRSPVTL IRS Pivot Bolt 11.95
75-500-IRSPVTW IRS Pivot Washer 1.50