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3″ Torsion Raise Kit

RLR 3″ Torsion Raise Kit is laser cut from 3/16 mild steel. Drop cut center to accommodate various nose cones.

Pan Car: Give your car that slammed RLR Chassis Car look. An integrated part of our torsion and narrow kit.

RLR torsion sleeves that help keep things in proper alignment when you narrow the rear torsion housing. A must have device!

Item Number Description Price
75-900-TORRK3 3″ Torsion Raise Kit 100.00
75-900-TORS Torsion Sleeves, Pair 2-1/4″ or 2-1/2″ 10.00
75-900-TORRN3 3″ Torsion Raise & Narrow (Labor) 1,560.00