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Turbo Hose

RLR offers Turbosmart products.

RLR/TURBOSMART silicone hoses are manufactured with the finest quality high grade temperature resistant silicone and are ideal for all VW turbocharged applications. Pressure rated to 220 PSI. Our turbo hose connectors provide long lasting performance and will not deform or bloat under extreme boost conditions. All turbo hose connectors are supplied with proper hoses clamps. Available in 2 colors, RLR Racing “Blue” and Midnight “Black”. Hose sizes up to 4” also available on special order. Give us a call and get connected with RLR.

Item Number Description Price
40-500-THC2 Turbo Hose & Clamps, 2″ 36.00
40-500-THC25 Turbo Hose & Clamps, 2 1/2″ 42.00
40-500-THC3 Turbo Hose & Clamps, 3″ 44.00
40-500-THC4 Turbo Hose & Clamps, 4″ 46.00