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Turbo Hose

RLR Turbo Hose couplings are made with the finest quality for high strength and high temperature. Made from black multi-layered fluro-silicone with 3 ply fiberglass banded reinforcements to resist collapsing and high boost ballooning. Each connector is supplied with stainless steel clamps and nylock nuts. Connector sizes can be special ordered to accommodate all your fabricating needs.

Item Number Description Price
40-500-THC2 Turbo Hose & Clamps, 2″ Each 36.00
40-500-THC25 Turbo Hose & Clamps, 2 1/2″ Each 42.00
40-500-THC3 Turbo Hose & Clamps, 3″ Each 44.00
40-500-THC4 Turbo Hose & Clamps, 4″ Each 46.00