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770 Turbo Prep Carb


At RLR, we have been race-prepping Holley carburetors for turbo applications since 1987. Our tune-ups work! Be careful of people who think they know how much fuel is required to keep from blowing up your motor.

  • Draw Thru Turbo Race Prepped
  • Pre Jetted to Your Exact Motor Dimensions & Specifications
  • Precision Calibrated Pump Cam Assembly

Each RLR Holley carb is custom built to your specifications and will run perfectly right out of the box.

Item Number Description  Price
45-900-H670T Holley 670 CFM, Turbo Prepped Carb 780.00
45-900-H750TB Holley 750 CFM, Turbo Prepped Carb, Black 884.00
45-900-H770T Holley 770 CFM, Turbo Prepped Carb 780.00
45-900-H850T Holley 850 CFM, Turbo Prepped Carb 884.00
45-900-H750TE85 Holley 750 E85 CFM, Turbo Prep 1092.00