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Holley 750 E-85 Turbo Prepped Carb

Introducing RLR’s E85 Turbo Prepped Ethanol Carburetor Ready to run on any draw through Holley set up right out of the box.

You asked for it, we got it.RLR has been successfully racing with 4 barrel carbs since 1980. Now we have put all that knowledge into a new E85 carb that is 100% Holley and made in the USA.

97% aluminum construction, 38% lighter fuel bowl capacity increased 20 % with over 20 new fuel bowl & base plate features.

E85 specific metering blocks with high flow primary power valve. 50 cc secondary acceleration pump with jet extensions installed. Available in grey hard anodized finish for the corrosive properties of ethanol fuels. Let RLR race prep an E85 750 CMF Ultra HP for your turbo charged VW, street or strip. We have a carburetor for you.

Item Number Description Price
45-900-H750TE85 Holley 750 E85 CFM, Turbo Prep 1,092.00
40-500-TLCL8 Standard Throttle Cable, 8ft. 120.00
40-500-TLCLRS Throttle Cable Return Springs 13.00
40-500-TLCLB Throttle Cable Bracket, (Red, Blue, Raw Finish) 100.00