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Spark Plugs

     NGK Spark Plugs. RLR’s #1 choice for a performance spark plug. Built to perform and endure. Corrugated ribs prevent harmful spark “flashover.” Alumina silicate insulator ensures die-electric strength and proper heat transfer. Available in various heat ranges to best suit your individual needs and application specifications.
           • Engineered & Designed with a Solid Copper Core
           • Longer Insulator “Power Tip” Nose Helps Prevent Loading Up or Fouling
Expect easy starts, quicker throttle response, stronger mid-range pulls and improved top end performance with RLR NGK Performance Spark Plugs. Please call us so you can improve the power band of your Volkswagen engine.
*The lower the number, the hotter the plug. Higher number, the colder the plug*

Item Number Description Price
40-500-SP7 NGK Spark Plug 7 3.00
40-500-SP8 NGK Spark Plug 8 3.00