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RLR’s “SE” Cylinder Heads

RLR’s “SE” Cylinder Heads feature an all new aluminum casting. Available with or without CNC shaped intake and exhaust ports for maximum flow and performance. Designed to fit under the Volkswagen cylinder head tin and use O.E.M. sheet metal.

  • Double Strength Rocker Base Supports Accept Stock or High Ratio Rockers
  • Supplied with Single Grove Stainless Steel Valves & Retainers with 7° Locks
  • Available In Various Intake & Exhaust Valve Size Combinations

Long reach spark plug threads provide improved heat dissipation. Our recommended in house choice for cylinder heads on all our RLR Turbo Kits. Delivers up to 400 Horsepower. Definitely the best out of the box cylinder heads available at an affordable price. Whether you purchasing our complete RLR Turbo Kit or just our RLR “SE” Cylinder Heads, we have the performance and reliability you are looking for.

*Cylinder heads can be upgraded and ordered with 11/32” Titanium intake or exhaust valves at an additional cost.

*Intake manifolds can be match ported for a small additional cost

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