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RLR Naturally Aspirated Headers


 RLR is proud to announce the finest line of pro built headers for naturally aspirated motors; ET Bracket Racers, Super Stock VX, Super Street and Pro Stock Volkswagen racers. Our Burns X design parametric custom designed collector, combines high flow / velocity to increase your engines torque curve through peak horsepower and beyond.     2” inlet to 4” outlet reverse cone megaphones produce max power while maintaining the highest and smoothest torque curve. Increasing potential power past the peak without low end power band loss often experienced on engines using short header tube lengths.

  • All Headers Available in 1-5/8” – 2-1/8” Tubing & In Stainless Steel or Mild Steel
  • 3/8” Thick CNC Laser Cut Flanges From 1-5/8” – 1-7/8” Diameter
  • Overlapping A-B Laser Cut Collector Tabs Ensure Sure Seal & Easy On/Off Access of Collector

All RLR Naturally Aspirated Headers are custom built to your exact specifications and standards based on your own individual engine program. Why? Loose power to an inefficient exhaust system when you can increase torque and improve the power band of your present engine with a RLR Custom Header.

Item Number Description Price
40-900-THVW VW Turbo Header, With J Tubes 780.00
40-900-TISVW VW Turbo Intake System 780.00
40-900-ESMS2 2″ Competition Exhaust System, Mild Steel 1,248.00
40-900-ESSS2 2″ Competition Exhaust System, Stainless Steel 2,288.00