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Racepak Sensors

Analog V-Net Modules with Sensors (pre-programmed)
These per-programmed analog function module and sensor combinations are ready for plug-and-play installatic V-Net Cable.

(Note: All pressure and vacuum modules have 48” pigtail cable between the V-Met module and the sensor.)

Item Number Description Price
37-220-VP-PT-BST75 Manifold Pressure (Boost) MOD W/Sensor 0-75 PSI 260.00
37-220-VP-PT-CP15 Fuel PSI Module W/Sensor 0-15 PSI 260.00


Item Number Description Price
37-220-VP-PT-BVAC Pressure/VAC Module W/Sensor 15-0-30  260.00

(Note: pigtail cable lengths are shown in parenthesis.)

Item Number Description Price
37-220-VP-TC-HEADL Left CYL Head Temp Module W/Sensor 0-600F, (36)  213.00
37-220-VP-TC-HEADR Right CYL Head Temp Module W/Sensor 0-600F, (36)  177.00
37-220-VP-TR-OIL Oil Temp Module W/Sensor, (48)  177.00
37-220-VP-TC-MANIF Manifold Temp Module/Sensor TC, (36)  260.00

Exhaust Gas Temperature/Cylinder Bank Sets

Item Number Description Price
37-220-VP-TC-1234 4 Channel EGT Box 1234 With 1/4″ Probes  749.00

Wide Open Throttle Sensors
Wide open throttle event switches are used on Holley carburetors to verify when the carburetor is at full throttle and the throttle blades are wide open. Two styles of mounting brackets are avalible. Both bolt directly to the side of the carburetor main body. Monitoring WOT requires an available V-Net channel

Item Number Description Price
37-800-MB-WOT-750 Bracket Only, WOT, Holley 750 Style  23.00
37-800-MB-WOT-SWC Bracket With Switch & Pigtail Cable, Dominator Style Carb  40.00

Adapter Module

Item Number Description Price
37-220-VP-WOTEVENT VNet MOD, Wide Open Throttle  125.00

Zero Crossing Sensor
This non-powered sensor is designed for monitoring magnetic pulses. It must be used with an RPM input designed for zero crossing sensor. Used as the clutch RPM or Front Wheel RPM Sensor on V-series and 2001 and newer Pro Series recorders.

Item Number Description Price
37-800-SS-ZX-3 Zero Crossing RPM Sensor, 3-Pin, 3/8″ Dia  270.00