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Racepak Accessories

Split Collars
These aluminum split collars provide a mounting platform for the magnets that are used to trigger the sensor when monitoring the revolutions of a axle. Each collar is approximately .375” wide and houses two magnets which are located 180° apart.
2 Magnet Collar

Item Number Description Price
37-800-CL-2M-212 Split Collar, 2.125″ID, (2 1/8″)  47.00

8 Magnet Collar

Item Number Description Price
37-800-CL-8M-2125 Split Collar, 2.125″ ID, 8 Magnet  83.00

These are the rare earth magnets that are currently used in clutch input shaft, the split collars shown above or with some front wheel RPM applications. Each magnet measures .250” OD x .200” in length. North end magnet is painted yellow for easy identification.

Item Number Description Price
37-800-MG-SM-.25 Magnet Only, Rare Magnet, Single   9.00