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The Power Grid 7-Series Ignition System uses a 32 bit micro controller and windows based software program. All ignition data is captured on a micro SD card for easy reviewing & storage. Packs higher output than current programmable units. Complete with USB connections and can be used with any MSD Ignition

Item Number Description Price
37-MSD-6530 Digital Programmable 6AL-2 380.00
37-MSD-7720 Power Grid Ignition Only 445.00
37-MSD-7730 Power Grid Control Only 399.00
37-MSD-7740 4-Connection CAN Bus Hub 76.00
37-MSD-7751 Power Grid Launch Control 175.00
37-MSD-7786 CAN Bus Harness 72″ 46.00
37-MSD-8950 RPM Activated Switch 105.00

8485 Distributor, VW Billet
6061-T6 billet aluminum VW distributor. Acceptable for crank trigger use, naturally aspirated, or turbo locked-out.

Item Number Description Price
37-MSD-8485 Distributor, VW Billet 291.00

8261 Ignition Coil, HVC-2, 7 Series Ignition
HVC-2 Coil produces 45,000 volts @ 2amps with minimal OHMS of primary resistance. For use with MSD 7 Series Ignitions.

Item Number Description Price
37-MSD-8261 Ignition Coil,HVC 2, 7 Series Ignition 206.00

31939 Wire Set, Super Cond., VW Type 1
VW 8.5mm spark plug wire set with cut to fit coil wire.

Item Number Description Price
37-MSD-31939 Spark Plug Wire Set 61.00