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Staging Brakes

At RLR we offer 2 styles of Staging Brakes, straight or angled handle. When used with the rear brakes, they allow easy control for lighting pre-stage and staging bulbs. No more rolling in too deep and double bulbing the tree. With our RLR 2 Step/Rev Limiter Kit the staging brake can also be used to activate various launch and ignition control units to achieve maximum engine performance.

    • CNC Machined Cast Aluminum Body
    • ¾” Bore with Chrome Handle & Anodized Grip

Our welded RLR Angled Handle Staging Brake puts it all in the right position, to pull up on it and provide quick release point for lighting fast launches. Ask about our RLR 2 Step/Rev Limiter Kits when ordering and make your staging brake a multi-functional interior item.

Item Number Description Price
25-500-SBSH Staging Brake, 3/4″, Straight Handle 166.00
25-900-SBAH Staging Brake, 3/4″, Angle Handle 192.00