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RLR Black-Magic Clutch Disc

Without a doubt, The Black Magic Clutch Disc is the best disc available anywhere. Made of the same material as an NHRA Top Fuel clutch disc.  These discs have a superior coefficient of friction when compared to a stock, 3 or 4 puck disc.  These discs are a must have item for any Big Power Motors up to approximately 200 hp.

  • 100% Made in the USA Quality
  • Does what no other puck disc can do
  • Improved 60 FT Times
  • Increased Transmission Life

Let our RLR Black Magic Disc help you enjoy your High Performance motor and put you in the winners circle too.

Item Number Description Price
85-900-BMACD Black Magic Aggressive Clutch Disc 250.00
85-900-BMACDS7 Black Magic Aggressive Super 7 Clutch Disc 250.00
85-500-TOB German Throw Out Bearing 44.00