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Rev-6 Clutch

Rev 6 and Black Magic clutches

The winning combination

Win more rounds of racing and spend what you win on something other than a broken trans.

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Item Number Description Price
85-900-R6CSS RLR Rev 6 Clutch System, Single Disc 999.00
85-900-R6CSD RLR Rev 6 Clutch System, Double Disc 1,550.00
85-900-RLR-22-A .250″ Thick Aggressive Clutch Disc (specify hub) 250.00
85-900-RLR-23-S .250″ Thick Slippery Clutch Disc (specify hub) 250.00
85-900-R6CVWS RLR Rev 6 Clutch System, 8-Dowel , Single Disc 1199.00
85-900-R6CVWDD RLR Rev 6 Clutch System, 8-Dowel , Dual Disc 1750.00
85-900-R6CVWS4 RLR Rev 6 Clutch System, 8-Dowel , Single Disc, Type 4 1199.00
 85-900-R6CVWD4 RLR Rev 6 Clutch System, 8-Dowel , Dual Disc, Type 4 1750.00
85-900-RLR-22-50/50 .250″ Thick 50/50 Rev 6 Clutch Disc (specify hub) 250.00
85-900-RLR-22-A .250″ Thick Aggressive Rev 6 Clutch Disc 250.00
85-900-RLR-23-S .250″ Thick Slippery Rev 6 Clutch Disc (specify hub) 250.00

Without a doubt, the RLR Black-Magic clutch disc is the best disc available anywhere, made of the same material as a Top Fuel clutch disc. These discs have a superior coefficient of friction when compared to a 3- or 4-puck disc. With one of these discs, you will experience an increase in tranny life while at the same time, bettering your 60-foot times! What other performance products can say that?
Beware of imitations!

Item Number Description Price
85-900-BMACD Black Magic Aggressive Clutch Disc 250.00
85-900-BMACDS7 Black Magic Aggressive Super 7 Clutch Disc 250.00
85-500-TOB German Throw Out Bearing 44.00
85-500-TOBR6 Custom German Throw Out Bearing w/Collar ( For Use w/ Rev-6 Single Disc Clutch System Only, 1/2″ Taller ) 155.00

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