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RLR Aluminum Drag Wings

With RLR’s Drag Wing / Rear Spoiler your Volkswagen can have that “Go Fast” look that has made so many RLR built cars famous.  Aerodynamically designed streamlined side panels with complementing & matching drip rail contours.  Blue printed and re-designed Wicker Bill area with increased down force and improved straight line stability for today’s Big Horsepower Turbos and higher MPH Top Speeds.

  • CNC Laser Cut 6061 Aluminum with RLR logo on Side Panels
  • Complete with Dzus Buttons, Mounting Plates, Springs & Rivets
  • RLR Quality, Made In The USA

A must have item to ensure traction and safety on the big end of the strip. These complete wing kits are really simple to assemble and can be box shipped anywhere.

RLR’s new Pro Street Wing is here.

Item Number Description   Price
20-900-DWAB Aluminum Drag Wing Beetle 300.00
20-900-DWAG Aluminum Drag Wing Ghia 468.00
20-900-DWCM Aluminum Drag Wing, Custom Call
20-900-DZWDK Dzus Fastener Kit for Aluminum Wing & Decklid 42.00