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Fiberglass Dzus Fastener Kits

     The RLR Dzus Fiberglass Rear Fender Mounting Kit is the professional way to mount your fiberglass rear fenders so they can quickly be removed in between rounds to inspect the rear of the car or service your motor.  Removable rear fenders also greatly improve engine cool down time capabilities with increased air flow.  Used for decades on every rear back halved car built in house at RLR.  Simplicity and function combined.  Panels are supplied as flat stock and require welding for mounting.

  • Laser Cut 18 Gauge Premium Grade Sheet Metal Mounting Panels
  • Complete with Large Dzus Buttons, Springs & Rivets
  • This Kit Can Easily Be Shipped Anywhere
  • Made In The USA

Our Fiberglass Rear Fender Mount Kit work perfectly mounting RLR Fiberglass Fenders in either stock or raised locations.  Please check out our complete Fiberglass Fender line available in various widths to accommodate all your wheel & tire combinations.

Item Number Description Price
20-500-DZB Dzus Buttons, .550, Aluminum or Steel 4.00
20-500-DZPL Dzus Plate, Large 2.00
20-500-DZPS Dzus Plate Small 1.00
20-500-DZPT Dzus Plate Trick 3.00
20-500-DZS Dzus Spring 2.15
20-500-DZSEL Dzus Fastener Self Ejecting, Large 5.00
20-500-DZSES Dzus Fastener Self Ejecting, Small 5.00
20-500-DRPN Quick Release Pin Pair 39.00
20-500-DRQRP Door Quick Release Pin,Set of Four 146.00
20-500-DRQRPE Door Quick Release Pin, (pair) 39.00
20-900-DRHA Inner Door Handle Assemblies, (pair 125.00
20-900-DZFEK Dzus Fastener Kit for Fiberglass Front End 42.00
20-900-DZRFK Dzus Fiberglass Rear Fender Mount Kit 166.00
20-900-DZWDK Dzus Fastener Kit for Aluminum Wing & Decklid 42.00