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Aluminum Interior

At RLR we have been building aluminum interiors for over 30 years. We know that replacing stock sheet metal with a lightweight RLR Aluminum Interior greatly reduces weight while providing a safe, NHRA legal firewall to seal the engine & driver’s compartment.

  • Precision Fitted 6061 Aluminum Panels with Smooth Contoured Corners.
  • Tig Welded Mounting Tabs with Aluminum Flush Mount Dzus Fastners.
  • Thoughtfully Designed for Easy Access and Removal.
  • Made In USA

Designed with highlighted bead rolled accents adding structural strength and artistic lines. Clean streetcar or full drag car let RLR custom build your next aluminum interior.

Item Number Description Price
15-900-AI1T Aluminum Interior, Type 1, Tube Chassis, installed 5,250.00
15-900-AIR1P Aluminum Interior Rear, Type 1, Pan Chassis, Installed 5,250.00
15-900-AI3T Aluminum Interior, Type 3, Tube Chassis, Installed 5,250.00
15-900-AIR3P Aluminum Interior Rear, Type 3, Pan Chassis, Installed 5,250.00
15-900-AIGT Aluminum Interior, Ghia, Tube Chassis, Installed 5,500.00
15-900-AIRGP Aluminum Interior Rear, Ghia, Pan Chassis, Installed 5,500.00
15-900-AFBP Front Foot Box, Pan Chassis 1,600.00
15-900-ADP1 RLR Aluminum Door Panels, Type 1 Bug, Per Pair 180.00
15-900-ADPG RLR Aluminum Door Panels, Karmann Ghia, Per Pair 180.00
15-900-ADP3 RLR Aluminum Door Panels, Type 3 Sedan, Per Pair 180.00
15-900-ADSH RLR Aluminum Dash Panel 160.00
15-900-AIMP Ignition Mounting Plate 260.00
15-900-ARWT Aluminum Rear Wheel Tubs 620.00
15-500-DBDT Dzus Button Dimple Tool 20.00
15-900-ARSD1 Aluminum Rear Seat Delete Kit, Type 1 850.00
* (Aluminum Interior prices are subject to change per car installed).